We at Meraki Home Services constantly come up with innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs, providing the highest quality of service at a reasonable price. Home owners will experience a unique style they will love with us.


We are commercial project experts. We provide all types of commercial services, including store front glass, glass partition, drywall, fire type, corner bead, metal frames, and more. 

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We provide all kinds of renovation services, including residential, commercial, and institutional, with various designs ranging from classic to contemporary.


Providing concept designs and 3D renderings helps our clients get a clear picture of what they can expect as well as verify what they want their space to look like.


Look no further! For clients who wish to enhance their front yard and back yard, our landscaping services include tree trimming, planting/gardening, lawn care, snow removal and more.


We provide residential driveway, interlocking and landscaping services. Make your front entryway more inviting. 

Framing and Drywall

We specialize in wood and steel wall framing for interior partitions.

Window and Door

Windows and doors come in different sizes and are carefully selected and installed to meet our customers’ needs.

Shed Construction

We build detached garages and storage sheds to provide more space for our customers.

Deck and Fence

Need more security for your space? Contact us for customized fences with different materials, colors and designs. Also, spend a great summer on your customized deck!

General Carpentry

Drawers and shelves typically make up 70% of your interior work. We provide General Carpentry services to reach your interior desires.